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NetApp FAS3270

The NetApp FAS3270 is a high performance filer generation for midrange and high-end storage solution.

The FAS3270 scales to 960 drives, offering 1,920TB of capacity per system. The model has extensive onboard Fibre Channel (FC) and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. If your environment needs extra connectivity, the expanded I/O configurations of the FAS3270 significantly adds to the number of PCIe expansion slots available.

The unified storage architecture of the FAS3270 eliminates the need to deploy multiple systems to address requirements for block and file storage. Moreover, all FAS3200 systems support Data ONTAP in both standard and cluster modes, providing you with the flexibility of up to 24 nodes.

NetApp FAS3270 Storage

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Get Pricing for NetApp NetApp FAS3270 Tech Specs

Features Tech Specs
  • • DS4243 with solid state drives (SSDs) when every I/O read must be fast.

  • • Boost system performance by adding up to 2TB of
    Flash Cache.

  • • Ability to automatically increase read rates and reduce
    average latency for your frequently accessed data, without adding more disk drives.

  • • Now with MetroCluster solution, which promotes continuous access to data and prevents data loss.

  • • Industry-leading storage efficiency with data ONTAP.
  • • Maximum raw capacity - 1920TB

  • • Maximum no total disk drives - 960

  • • Single enclosure HA; 2 controllers in single 3U chassis

  • • Cache memory - 32GB

  • • **Expandable with PCIe expansion slots

  • • FlexVol Volumes - Up to 500 per controller

  • • Storage protocols - FCP, IP SAN (iSCSI), NFS, CIFS, FCoE, HTTP, FTP

  • • Max number of LUNs - 4096
NetApp FAS3270 storage features

NetApp FAS3200 Series Key Points

Gain enterprise-level reliability in a smaller
& cost-effective package. Integrate storage
& processing into a single unit.

Cost-effective & reliable disaster recovery

Excellent performance for both SAN & NAS.

Advanced system design enables versatile

Manage and store applications and data using
several standard protocols.

Simplify management through consolidation
of virtualized server environments.
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